Customer Experiences Are Improving, Can You Keep Up?

Can you compete?

One trend has been emerging clearly from the analysis of our 2013 MECx study – customer experiences are getting better. Even in the traditionally lowest performing industry of Cable & Satellite, customers are reporting that they’ve seen noticeable improvements in the customer experience. For now, many companies are relying on their customer experience focus to provide a point of differentiation. However, this shift indicates that…

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Customer Experience and the CMO Agenda


IBM recently released its first-ever Global Chief marketing Officer Study, the results of over 1,700 face to face interviews with CMOs. The results of this study revealed that the majority of CMOs are agreed on the three areas of marketing that most need improvement: “understand and deliver value to empowered customers, create lasting relationships with those customers, and measure marketing’s contribution to the business in…

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Becoming a Company that Cares


Any company will say that they care about customers, but the frequency of bizarrely poor customer service stories serves to offer a very different narrative. While technology band-aids and behavioral mandates are often first choices for companies looking to recover from customer experience shortcomings, they rarely do anything more than annoy employees. Something as human as “care” simply cannot be faked or forced. Care starts…

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