Five Key Traits of Resilient Individuals

Resilience allows companies to survive and even thrive in challenging business climates. This is because resilient organizations adapt quickly to new challenges while staying loyal to their core values. Of course, resilient organizations are made up of resilient individuals. In this post, we’ll define resiliency at the individual level and review how organizations can encourage resiliency in their workers.

Focus, Adaptability, and Stress are key concepts in resiliency. Resilient individuals maintain their focus while adapting to changes. Even in the face of difficulty, they can manage their stress in the workplace. To further define this trait, resilient individuals:
1. See opportunities for growth in their position.
2. Are able to find work/life integration.
3. Imagine future professional roles for themselves within the company.
4. Have access to a support network.
5. Feel they are involved in decisions that affect them.
6. Have adequate control over work and priorities.

PeopleMetrics works with organizations to analyze and improve resiliency. PeopleMetrics begins by gathering data through an online survey of targeted employees. Often, organizations choose to begin by measuring the resiliency of “mission critical” leaders and managers. The result of this research is a Resilience Index (RI). From this RI, PeopleMetrics provides targeted recommendations for improvement. Online dashboards may also be created to allow managers across the organization to monitor and improve resilience. Such data often reveals macro-level trends. On the individual level, self-assessments provide an opportunity for individual employees to understand and improve their own resiliency.

Top photo by Charlie Ambler.


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