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The world has changed, and the way people communicate has changed along with it. With texting & video chat being more popular than ever, it’s imperative that your customer feedback program keeps up to date on the way your customers want to speak with you.

In this PeopleMetrics LIVE! session, our customer experience experts dive into these two methods, SMS & video feedback, to show you how modern companies are using them to get not only more feedback but richer feedback that drives results in your customer feedback program.

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Kirk Lohbauer: Hi everyone! Welcome to PeopleMetrics LIVE! if this is your first time joining us, we here, at PeopleMetrics are focused on helping companies improve the customer experience that you provide and PeopleMetrics live is our live webinar where, our team shares best practices in customer, employee, and patient experience measurement and management. So, the topic for today that we'll be going over is how you can optimize your survey with SMS and video feedback but before we dive in let's do some quick introductions my name is Kirk, I’ve been an account manager here at PeopleMetrics for a number of years run a number of customer feedback programs and I’m here to share my expertise and I’m joined by our panellists Sean McDade and Audrey Squaresky so Sean, I’ll turn it over to you to say hello! 

Sean McDade: Hey everybody, Sean McDade, founder and CEO of PeopleMetrics it's great to be here and 


Audrey Squaresky: Hi there, I’m Audrey Squaresky, I’m the director of the customer experience here at PeopleMetrics and I’m also excited to be here! 

Kirk: and with that out of the way, let's go ahead and get into this week's PeopleMetrics live on how to optimize your survey with SMS and video feedback. So, Sean, I think these are our somewhat new items in the survey space, so can you just kick us off and give us your thoughts on this feedback, and what folks should know 

Sean: Yeah, I mean, I think there are a few things, one you know email surveys are still the norm, right, sending out surveys via an email invitation a unique link but you know, what I’d like to think, the audience to think about is you know, in your general life now how much email are you responding to, probably still quite a bit, how many texts are you getting probably a lot, and in terms of video are you using it more or less than you did say five years ago and my guess is you're using it more so, that's also kind of consistent with what your customers are probably looking for and doing so you know, we still believe in email surveys, we think it's a great way to get feedback, but these other ways, these other methods especially SMS and video, I mean it's kind of what's happening in 2021, the SMS is really,  I think a better way to get responses higher than email if you can manage it. although there are some complications in it, video is kind of an add-on to either right, so it's not like you're substituting a video for either of them, that video is a way to gather feedback SMS and email are kind of launch mechanisms to get somebody into the survey and then video is another option to collect feedback along with you know scaled questions and open ends and things like that. Audrey, what do you think about all this? 

Audrey: Yeah, so I like to think of these two options as real enhancements to your program, I don't think that you should forget about email or really change what you're doing with email, but I think of these as add-ons. So, for your customers where you do have a mobile number for them communicating via text is a great thing to do, and we've seen that it can really increase response rates and we'll jump into that a little bit more and I think the video feedback options should be used strategically, I mean Sean, you mentioned that video is all over the place on all these different platforms now people are creating videos and consuming videos and it make sense to add it into part of your customer experience program and again, I like to think of it as an enhancement you don't have to do all or nothing you can add it you know, after an Alchemetrics to gather more feedback or just put it at the end of a survey for people to leave more information via video, and we'll talk about some more options when we jump into that section. 

Kirk: Yeah, and maybe we can start with just you know, providing a definition at first as to what we're talking about. I’ll go ahead and share my screen and we can just clarify what we mean by SMS video. 

Sean: I’ll take the SMS, Audrey, why don't you take the video to your customer and it's looking like this, so it's a link that's embedded into a text you can see it on the left hand side SMS feedback, and your customer would click on that link and they would go to an html-based survey somewhere that you're hosting right, so what we're not talking about today are back and forth text surveys, so you may have gotten one of those people in the audience who listening here where you know you get a text and it says you know how would you rate our service on a scale of 1 to 10 and you would have to literally text back, text back and then they might ask you another question, you know, that's a very kind of narrow use case we think that, this works better for most people simply because you're giving your customer the ability to respond on their own time, you can get more detailed feedback through the link that you'd be able to ask open ends and video so again, you need your customers mobile number. Audrey how about the video? you've been involved in this lately. 

Audrey: I have! Yeah, we've been doing this with some clients and we're getting really good results and so what we're talking about when we say video feedback is adding a video feedback component to one of your existing surveys and you can do that by asking respondents right in your survey are you willing to provide more feedback via video if they say yes, they can open their webcam right on their phone or you know any device that they're on and answer whatever question you want, and we've been getting um a lot of good feedback and while the response rate for video is not super high the value you get from each video is, and there's only so much video you could really watch so we've been getting sort of a small pool of respondents who are recording videos for us, but they've each been really valuable and I think there are some interesting ways to incorporate video feedback and then we can talk about what you do with it after you receive it too 

Kirk: yeah, and I can briefly just show a clip of how that would look to a respondent giving that feedback “my opinion of Primark is that it's absolutely fantastic my only dislike is that their stores are um” is the audio coming through on that mark? “I think that their basic things like t-shirts are actually better quality than m s's and the price is way different Primark are very reasonable I’d pay more actually for their jeans and basic t-shirts given the quality and how well they last compared to m s Primark are really cheap and I like those clothes everybody's needs whether you're a child you're 

Sean: right I think we get the idea so these are customers who are answering a specific question being offered to you to them just like you would on any kind of open-ended question on a survey and instead of them typing in the responses they're recording a short video in order to show to you know tell that tell you about their experience, you know we all know that open-ended questions elicit stories and emotion that a quantitative say rating question can't and video even brings that to the next level so you know if you're able to identify several customer clips that you think represent what they're going through today, it's a super way to for and telling and get and socializing what's going on with the customer experience throughout your organization it'll be extremely powerful much more so than say a bar chart or even a quote from a customer, these really hit home. 

Kirk: Well, with that we do have a deep dive into kind of the consideration of the benefits so I think we do want to start off first with learning more about this SMS feedback so let's jump right into it 

Sean: Let's do it! “You save money” all right so Audrey, we can go back and forth on this one but you know one thing's for sure if you think about your own behaviour and I mentioned this before you're much more likely to look at a text that comes in than one of the 100 emails you probably got this last hour. Right, so texting can boost response rates because you're in front of the customer in a way that maybe you aren't as competitively before. Right, so that's one way that and that's a benefit of it and also people are just used to now responding to texts [Music] so it's you know I think super helpful. how else would you describe this, Audrey? 

Audrey: Yeah, I think part of the positive of text is you get that immediate notification in your pocket or in your hand wherever your phone is so you know you don't have to take the survey right just because you received the text right then but you at least have it in your mind oh I received this and maybe I’ll click on it um whereas with the email you're probably not seeing it until later so it does really have the possibility and potential for boosting response rate and that's what we've seen happen in our use of it so far so we're certainly recommending it and it's just another avenue to reach customers so you can continue with your email survey for people where you have their email address and maybe not their mobile phone number but for customers of yours that you do have mobile numbers, adding text on as a way to reach them is a big positive 

Sean: Audrey, if a client or a company has both what do you what are you thinking of these days so right now? you're breaking up pretty good. So how about I’ll try to answer my own question? so if you have a choice between the two you the SMS, and as long as you have permission and opting in is the key consideration right that we have right below you have to have permission to send this text to your customer right, you can't and it's the same with the email you need permission to send the email to the customer but you probably already have that from a while ago, when opt-in email was becoming standard now you need to be able to collect that number as well as opt-in if you have a choice I would always send the text with the same link that they're going to get in the email invitation, and you know tracking the email and text survey in invites, you need to you know you need to track those too Audrey let's see if you can come back and talk a little bit about that about how you do that 

Audrey: Certainly, yeah so hopefully you can hear me now um and we recommend and you know work with your survey provider we're pretty well versed in this now. So we will track the method that we send each invitation so that we can manage the response rate we can see is our response rate higher for our text respondents for people who are receiving their invites via text versus email are people more likely to answer when we've emailed them in the past and texted them now are we getting responses where we hadn't before, so definitely important to make sure you get those metrics set up and you're kind of tracking them and especially if you're at the beginning of adding text message invitations into your program and then something else to consider is a whole host of options that go along with texting. So, you know we recommend at least getting a toll-free number but based on the volume of invites that you're sending you might want to use a short-code which you probably need or to back your authentication 

Sean: I think okay, so yeah, I’ll take over from here right so a short-code is you know it's a very it's a small tech number of letters or numbers that represent the longer URL that we saw in our example. So, it's just a more elegant way to send the text invite and it can be branded it can be a vanity code there are different ways to do that, that can be expensive there definitely is a cost to all these options and there's a cost in general, depending on how many of these you're sending and getting back um you know SMS is going to cost a little more than email for a variety of these reasons and um but you know the response rate's worth it so on it on a complete cost per complete basis you may be ahead here versus on email that you're going to you know have to send a lot more responses out to get or invitations out to get the same number of responses back. Kirk, anything you'd want to add on any of this 

Kirk: Yeah, I think the benefit is pretty straightforward all right 

Sean: Okay, I’ll take PeopleMetrics Live! this week if you could put go mute okay let's get to I think the bottom line is if you can if you have opt-in customers mobile numbers you should definitely be using SMS if you want it to be more branded it's going to cost it's going to if you want the branded part with the short-code or vanity code it's going to cost a little more but you don't have to have that if you're just looking to pilot this is a minimal expense with the longer URL and like Audrey said, you can just take a look and see how many more responses you get via the text versus your traditional email invitations and see if it's worth the effort of you know getting more opt-in mobile numbers from customers. but I can tell you these customers want to interact with you via text that's the data that we're seeing they like it um and it creates I think a different relationship between you and the customer it's more of a personal one where you know texting tends to be more personal than email these days so that's the high level on SMS feedback so we can get to video next which is very fun! Right, so the key benefit to me a video is it's the storytelling piece, you can tell stories with customer videos in ways that you just simply cannot today. you know, a bottom line like even the greatest open-ended text or typed in the comment doesn't compare to having that same customer say that story and you can look at their facial expressions and you can look at their, you can feel their emotions, both positive and negative right, and it's just a tremendous way to socialize customer experience across your organization especially to executives. I mean I’ve presented to executives my whole life see sweet people and I always use stories in it because they tend to really relate to the story and stories to me were more around text see if maybe I’m now getting 

Audrey: Let me jump in and see if I can take it, we talk about moments of truth often here at PeopleMetrics, which are moments that your customers experience in their interaction with your company that elicit an emotional response and having the option of letting them talk about it via video helps you really understand what that emotional response was it positive was it negative did something heart-warming happen you know like, Sean mentioned reading about things is great and we highly recommend collecting those comments that people type in but having someone on your screen and a video of them explaining to you what went wrong or talking about a specific employee who really enhanced their experience and made them want to return or recommend your company or any of a variety of things that they may talk about is really powerful and we've seen a lot of positives about sharing these videos within the organization certainly, for employee recognition when their name is mentioned about something they did that went above and beyond but also it's a good coaching opportunity if you have one of your customers on video talking about something that went wrong it seems very impactful to share that with your employees and I think it helps them really understand how their actions impact your customers. There are a lot of things to consider though just like with SMS you want to make sure you're asking questions that give you distinct answers from what you're already asking you don't want to ask something and have someone type up a whole response and then say okay tell me about that in the video so you want to make sure you're saving your questions that you want a video response for specifically to the video prompt, you don't want to be done 

Sean: So, Audrey, really what video is, it's a more it's a richer way to get open-ended feedback correct? like is that the way that you think of it? that's at least what I think of. 

Audrey: Totally, yes and you know you don't want to disrupt your existing survey flow by putting a video in a place that doesn't make sense, so maybe you want to add it on at the end as a pilot and see what kind of feedback you get with a question that you weren't asking before or maybe you want to replace one of your existing open-ended questions with the opportunity for your respondents to provide video feedback and remember, people are able to decline they can say you know what no I’m not interested in providing that video feedback today and they can skip over it so people aren't forced to leave the video feedback but at least giving them the opportunity is going to get you that rich feedback that speaks to the emotional impact of their experience 

Sean: You know Audrey there are like two main use cases I see from this, that make a lot of sense. One is like, you said at the end of a survey right so you've already asked maybe about net promoter score, you've asked about how satisfied they are with the most recent experience? you may have asked about did they have any problems and then at the end you're basically saying hey is there is there anything else that you would like to tell us that was really important about your most recent experience or would you like to elaborate on anything that you that you indicated in this survey that's really important about your to your most recent experience and that makes a lot of sense to me because at the end like if you're a customer filling these out, I think it needs to be at the end of the survey because asking them to make a video and then pop back in to answer more questions is probably and going to have a lot of, you're going to have a lot of drop off there and it's going to be confusing we think to the customer the other use case is if you have a super short survey it's all the rage these days to have you know two three question surveys so maybe you have a three question survey that's like net promoter score, with how satisfied were you with the most recent experience, and then you say tell us a vid you know could you record a video to tell us more about why you answered this way right or you could ask a video that says right after if maybe it's only two questions maybe it's net promoter score, and you say Audrey you can say something like tell us how we could move you one point higher in your net promoter score? what could we do specifically to help to make your net promoter score higher? or move you one point higher and then specifically ask them to record a video around that. Like, so it's very specific but for the respondent, after they record the video, they're basically done the survey, I would not ask them for more after that. I don't know what you think of that Audrey, but that's my thinking about that! 

Audrey: I think there's a lot of opportunities to use video in those shorter surveys, and you can always pull out a certain population if you want to ask people from a specific location a very specific question about that location that you think would be helpful to have on the video you could go out to just that population with a video survey or one of those two question surveys but Sean like you said asking people what you can do to improve think about how valuable that would be to have your customers on telling you, what you could do? 

Sean: Yeah, it just it opens up just lots of possibilities for, again like part of, I assume people who are watching this are either responsible for a customer experience program at a company or they're you know responsible for somehow delivering an experience to a customer and you know, half the battle sometimes in organizations is reminding everyone on how important the customer is, and without the customer, there is no business and these videos really kind of hit home not only that the customer is important, but some customers have great experiences and here's why they're great, and some customers don't and here's why they're poor, and you know if you get your entire organization listening to the customer-focused on the customer acting on their feedback and really feeling what the customer feels then you have a customer-centric culture that's highly differentiated from most competitors that you have! is my guess and you know there's nothing like that 

Audrey: Definitely, and I think something else to think about and consider when you're adding video is how you're going to share it within your organization we talk a lot about this with your regular feedback program anyway what are you going to do with the data after you have it so you should already have a good system in place for sharing data at a regular cadence and closing the loop with customers, but I think that video should be used to enhance the story you're already telling to say you know we saw our NPS go up and here's what our promoters are saying via video or we're having issues with the wait times at our locations, and here are some of our customers talking about wait times and what it means to them and how it impacts their experience. 

Sean: Audrey, we don't have a demo today but maybe you can just talk for 30 seconds on you know we're not just recording videos and saying good luck to you right like if you use PeopleMetrics these are organized in a very systematic way on our software 

Audrey: Certainly, yeah so each customer records their video and then you have the ability to view it along with some of their customer info about where they had their interaction or the rep that they talked to and some of the other scores that they gave on their survey um the video tool automatically transcribe their video and then you have the ability to pull out pieces of videos and order them and create a showreel to really tell your story so the tool is super intuitive it's really fun to use, and that's what PeopleMetrics is here for will help you make the most out of your video feedback to share it with your organization to get the impact that you're looking for. 

Sean: Yeah, and the highlight real is, a really powerful way to tell stories and that highlight real can change over time as the experiences change so you know we don't see this as a one-off just like you don't probably don't see measurement of the experience as a one-off it's something that evolves over time and as new challenges and new opportunities are faced your customers face these videos are a way to really take a snapshot and then socialize within the organization and you know we think that it's a really important future for customer experience feedback, and I’ll tell you most of our clients are considering this right now like a lot of our clients really like this idea and they're super excited and it can it can really apply right to any business so if it's a lot of customers let's say you're a B2B, B2C with a lot of customers you know you can take just a few of them and represent a lot of them or if you have a B2B business with just a handful of customers, this may even become more impactful because that one customer does represent so much of your business 

Audrey: I would definitely say that it's industry agnostic that there's an opportunity to incorporate video into your feedback program across any industry it could be in a relationship survey or a transactional survey. 

Sean: Yeah, that's a really good point so, boy! transactional surveys or relationship surveys. This should always be part of a relationship survey, I would think you're already asking a lot of your customer remember relationship service or something to measure the relationship it's typically a net promoter score outcome measure and you're going into detail around their experience you're hitting probably all the touch points they could possibly have maybe even asking competitor questions and the end of that, those surveys can be 10 minutes long, 15 minutes long they may be getting some sort of incentive to fill it out then you know asking about a video to sum up their experience is an absolute best practice, that I would recommend almost every time transactional surveys you're going to have to make the call if they're super short with NPS in one question definitely, and you just have to weigh how much you want to put that more onto the customer based on a short interaction that they may have had with you via the transaction but like Audrey said, you can make, you can offer this to every nth customer, you don't have to offer it to all of them, you can turn this on for a certain amount of time, get some videos and do a highlight reel and stop it's very flexible in the way that you can use it but I think not having video these days is probably not an option if you're not doing it yet, you probably will, and it's just something to think about on what's the best fit for your organization and your customers. 

Audrey: I saw we had a question here about receiving permission to share videos and that's a great question when we ask people to record their video, they are implying that they are okay with you sharing it within your organization and then it says that it won't be shared outside the organization without explicit permission, so if you wanted to use some videos in marketing materials or something that was going to be public-facing then you would need to get permission but by recording the video the respondent is saying, you're able to share your video internally with others at your organization that was a great question. 

Sean: and you know, the world is your oyster with creativity on this, I mean you could imagine having a real being played, say in a lunchroom where your employees are or you an all-hands meeting you could always start with a customer video, ends with a customer video, you know once we're all back in the office if you have TVs, you could have TVs dedicated within the office structure of you know customer videos you know you could have it on as people are walking into your reception area I know this all sounds strange because we have a lot of us haven't been at the office for a while but we will be back, I mean at some point, so it's really unlimited what you can do with that! 

Audrey: Oh, I think we talk about companies being customer inspired or putting the customer first and I think the way I’ll close this out is, what better way to do that than by sharing a video of your customers talking about their experience. 

Sean: If you ever want to see a demo of how this works in real life, you know happy to do that or if you have any questions on this at all, just shoot us a note! Thank you all for sharing your expertise and looking forward to the next session, thanks everybody and have a great day 

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