SIGN UP: 3 Ways to Use Patient Support Programs to Improve Pharma Customer Experience

Tuesday, June 15th @ 2:00pm ET

Best-in-class patient support programs are the price of admission for successful product launches, whether they're in-house or outsourced; with dedicated case managers or fully digital.

76% of patients expect their Pharma provider to offer patient support programs, and 85% of Pharma companies are expected to increase investment in these types of programs in the future (Accenture).

In this session, we'll review 3 ways you can set your company apart from the competition by laser-focusing on improving the experience patients have with your patient support programs.

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Our Pharma CX solutions are designed to help you achieve better outcomes through real-time feedback from patients, caregivers and HCPs... with over 20+ years of Pharma expertise, you can trust PeopleMetrics to help you measure and improve the patient experience from clinical trials to patient support services.

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