SIGN UP: How To Achieve Patient Centricity in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Tuesday, March 9th @ 2:00pm ET

Pharma marketing teams use phrases like "patient-centric," "patient focused," and "patient first" all the time - but what does a patient centered approach actually look like in the pharmaceutical sector?

This month, we're kicking off a series of 'PeopleMetrics LIVE! - Pharma Patient Support Services' sessions where we'll talk exclusively about tangible ways to achieve patient-centricity in the pharmaceutical industry.

In this first session, we will define patient centricity once and for all (hint: it's similar to customer centricity!), and reveal the best way to become truly patient-centric while simultaneously elevating patient experience every day.

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PeopleMetrics LIVE! is a free online session where experience measurement experts from our team answer YOUR questions about CX, EX, Pharma Patient Support Services and more. Tune in for short, casual conversations every Tuesday at 2:00pm ET. 

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