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This course is designed to give bank leaders a solid foundation in banking customer experience. Students will learn practices utilized by the best banking customer experience companies. They'll also have access to proprietary tools and templates to drive customer centricity, including:

  • An internal assessment tool to gauge the level of customer centricity at your bank today
  • Helpful tools to validate your customer personas
  • A customer journey mapping toolkit
  • Sample customer survey questions
  • Templates for taking action on customer feedback
  • An RFP outline to help you source the best partner for your customer listening efforts



Lesson 1: Fuel your bank's growth with 4 proven practices

Lesson 2: Define your ideal customers to keep them loyal and grow your base

Lesson 3: Learn how to use surveys to understand elements of your experience

Lesson 4: Spur organizational change with guiding principles

Lesson 5: Discover metrics to make sure you're on the right path

Lesson 6: Learn about technology you can use to improve banking customer experiences

Lesson 7: Explore best practices for designing a customer experience survey

Lesson 8: Examine great programs, and how you can replicate them



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