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We've been one of the leading customer experience management companies for a long time. (So we have our process nailed down.)

At PeopleMetrics, we provide customer experience management software and solutions for businesses of all types. Our tools help clients create customer centricity by listening and responding to feedback from their prospects and customers. When we work with clients, we use this process:


We've found this process helps our clients achieve their customer experience goals.

All of our products and services work together to help our clients create customer-centric cultures in their organizations. Interested in learning about how we help with customer experience management (CEM)? Then click here to learn more about our products.

Wondering if our CEM software and services can handle big projects? Let's talk numbers.

We work with our clients to achieve their customer experience strategies. Every client has a different set of needs and goals, but when we looked across our client base, we found a few interesting numbers that speak to our capacity to handle volume. (As a note, the survey-sending data below includes feedback surveys sent via email and SMS.)


Surveys Sent


Surveys Sent


Survey Responses


Average Daily
Survey Sends


Feedback Alerts
Sent Weekly


Countries Included
in a Given Year

Want to know more about the clients we help with customer centricity? Here's an industry snapshot.

Due to privacy, we can't list all of our clients by name. But here are the types of organizations we support:

  • Retail and Commercial Banks: Managing billions of dollars and employing thousands of employees. 
  • Diversified Communications Providers: Offering broadband services, cable and satellite television, Internet, and VOIP services to millions of customers across North America.
  • Professional Services: Supporting business-to-business corporations with strategic consulting, financial, accounting, tax and training services.
  • Life Sciences Corporations: Developing products ranging in nature from biotechnical to pharmaceutical.
  • Passionate Companies: Improving customer experience and building customer-centric cultures.

And here's a happy client testimonial we can share:


As well as a few recent case studies.



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American Hotel Register Company Case Study

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