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Sean McDade, PhD | Jul 23, 2018

Lesson #3: VoC Is Becoming The Single Source of Truth For All Customer Feedback On CX

The following is an excerpt from Listen Or Die by Sean McDade, PhD. The best VoC programs are squarely focused on integrating all types of customer feedback ...

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Listen or Die, Customer Feedback, Customer Experience Measurement
Sean McDade, PhD | Mar 21, 2018

#CXSecrets: Don't Limit Feedback Opportunities

We all remember that dreaded phone call. After working all day, you'd pull out your chair to sit down for a family dinner and the phone would ring. You'd roll ...

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CX Secrets, Customer Feedback
David Rode | Feb 26, 2018

SaaS Companies: Implement a Product NPS Program in 5 Simple Steps

It has become all too common for B2B SaaS companies to survey their customers once a year through a moment-in-time customer relationship survey, with at least ...

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Net Promoter Score, Customer Feedback, SaaS
Audrey Squaresky | Dec 5, 2017

Are You There, Company? It's Me, Your Customer.

Your customer experience management (CEM) system is up and running. You are actively listening to your customers and have an impressive 20% survey response ...

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Customer Feedback, Voice of the Customer
Pooya Pourak | Nov 29, 2017

My Pleasant Pomegranate Purchasing Experience

Let me begin by saying that I am one of the biggest pomegranate promoters there is, but this article is not about the innumerous health benefits and my love ...

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Customer Experience, Customer Feedback
PeopleMetrics | May 4, 2017

The Basics of Customer Journey Mapping

Over 150 customer experience professionals completed a PeopleMetrics online assessment about the presence, or absence, of customer-centric practices in their ...

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customer journey mapping, Customer Feedback, Banking Customer Experience
PeopleMetrics | Apr 19, 2017

Designing a Customer Feedback Survey That Helps You and Doesn’t Annoy Customers

If you want to grow your bank by acting on individual customer feedback, your success depends upon a fundamental principle—you have to engage and encourage ...

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Customer Feedback, Customer Engagement, Customer Experience, Voice of the Customer, Banking Customer Experience, Customer Experience Improvement
PeopleMetrics | Mar 7, 2017

5 Necessities of an Effective Closed-Loop Customer Feedback Program

If you’ve been keeping up with this series, you're familiar with the idea of gathering continuous customer feedback. But it's important to note the changing ...

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Customer Feedback, Customer Feedback Management, Banking Customer Experience, Voice of the Customer
PeopleMetrics | Mar 1, 2017

Should You Outsource Your Customer Feedback Program or Keep it In-House?

It's clear that listening and taking action on customer feedback is a growth tactic for your bank. But how do you get started with a customer feedback ...

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