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How does our sales software help you close more leads?


Listen to buyers by sending surveys at key moments in the sales process.


Evaluate buyer interest and needs to manage pipeline effectively.


Act on feedback to deliver value to current and future buyers.


Differentiate your sales experience and improve your close rate.

Features of Authentic Prospect Voice™

B2B sales tool


Mobile-First Design


Works Within Salesforce


Better Pipeline Prediction


Simple, Clear Dashboards


Smart Action Alerts


Easy Integration


Why listen to the Authentic Prospect Voice?

Because B2B sales software can help you improve sales.


Average Time B2B Buyers Spend Choosing a Provider

Buyers spend 86 hours across 5 team members (and more on bigger contracts). Are you doing enough to support them when they knock on your door?


How Many B2B Buyers Have Never Been Asked for Feedback

Buyers aren't normally asked for feedback on the sales process. If you ask your buyers how you're doing, you'll stand out from the competition.


 Percentage of B2B Buyers Who Would Provide Feedback

Of those who have never been asked for feedback, 81 percent said they'd give feedback if asked. That's a lot of missed insight and opportunities.


Get predictive sales analytics through our B2B sales software.


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