An Argument for Mobile-Friendly Customer Experience Surveys

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Jen Fennelly

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Are you stuck in the past, offering only mobile-incompatible surveys?


Here’s why offering a mobile survey will improve your customer feedback experience.


Mobile-friendly customer experience surveys help you reach a wider audience.

Today nearly 60% of adult Americans use a smartphone, and a whopping 35% of smartphone owners use their device as the primary way to access the internet, rather than a desktop or laptop computer. That’s a large number of customers whose feedback you’ll never capture if you don’t have a mobile-friendly survey in your battery.

However, you can reach all of your customers, regardless of their devices, if you give them a responsive survey. A survey that is flexible across devices will reach both conventional computer users as well as the growing number of mobile device-reliant consumers.


Mobile is easy.

Swiping and tapping through a phone is already second nature to the smartphone user. Why not take advantage of that pre-existing tech-savviness and seamlessly engage your customers with a compatible feedback experience? With a customer experience survey that fits the screen of their device, and with big, friendly buttons, customers can easily rate their interactions with your business. The capability is literally at their fingertips, anytime, anywhere. What could be simpler?

A survey suited for use on a mobile device also improves your customer experience, because your consumers are free to respond at their leisure and convenience. Customers can tell you if they’d recommend your business as they jet cross-country or identify a gap in your offerings while they wait for the bus.


Mobile customer experience surveys are more engaging.

Research has shown that feedback quality can decrease the longer a survey lasts. Customers skipping questions and answering untruthfully are potential side-effects of a lengthy survey. A patience test can leave a sour taste in the user’s mouth and also can diminish the value of his or her responses. Mobile-optimized surveys can capture more concise and accurate feedback because they minimize disruption in the lives of your customers.

When you choose a mobile-compatible customer experience survey you’re offering a quicker, easier way for more of your customers to give their opinions. In doing that, it demonstrates a willingness to change to adapt to your customers’ needs and humanizes your business (an important piece in the customer relationship we discussed in this blog post). The benefits you reap from employing mobile-ready surveys will also contribute directly to more actionable customer feedback, so that you are more clearly hearing the voice of your customers.

After all, isn’t that the “why” behind a survey?

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Posted on 10-30-2014