Pharma Customer Experience

Patients, HCPs and caregivers have heightened expectations for the experience they receive from Pharma. Similar to what they experience in other industries, they desire a frictionless experience and when things go wrong, expect an empathic response. Ensure new patient onboarding and adherence with PeopleMetrics software and consulting services.


Pharma CX Programs

PCX Relationship

Relationship Survey

Survey all your current customers - patients, HCPs and caregivers - to understand the strength of the overall relationship, obtain a satisfaction baseline and gauge your performance at key touch points

Sent annually, bi-annually or quarterly to all current patients, HCPs and caregivers

Survey fielded over 2-4 week period with invitations sent via email​ and/or SMS


Measures NPS, customer sat, and key drivers of customer sentiment across the journey​


Real-time online reporting platform


Data analysis and executive summary report​

PCX Transactional Survey-1

Transactional Survey

Survey patients and HCPs immediately after a key touch point (e.g., new patient onboarding, rep visit to HCP, patient visit to clinical trial site), address any issues immediately, improve onboarding and adherence


Ongoing, short survey sent to customers following key interactions: (e.g., service call, key account review, web site visit)​


Ongoing invitations sent via email, SMS or IVR soon after interaction is completed​

Measure satisfaction with the recent interaction, problem occurrence, areas for improvement​
Real-time online reporting platform to view survey results and resolve issues​
Data analysis and executive summary report bi-annually or annually
PCX Research

Patient/HCP Advisory Boards & Research

Partner with patients and HCPs for thought leadership support, fresh insights, and answers to your strategic questions


Form an advisory board with 50-300 of your most important, high-impact patients or HCPs (perfect for rare disease therapies)


Get regular feedback (both qualitative and quantitative) around issues that impact their experience


Get immediate and in-depth feedback on issues around onboarding, adherence, competitive landscape and more


A proprietary hybrid approach using both qualitative and quantitative methods


Rigorous analysis to determine key drivers, themes, insights

What's the difference between
Relationship and Transactional surveys in Pharma CX?

Pharma CX Use Cases


Patient Support Services

Surveys to patients, caregivers and HCPs who have interacted with patient support services either provided by an internal or external Hub

  • Key touch points include onboarding, first shipment, 3/6/9 month milestones
  • Patient services benchmarks based on 15 questions that have been approved by Pharma legal teams
  • Understand case manager performance and use customer feedback for training purposes

Clinical Trials

Survey patients enrolled in clinical trials at key milestones (e.g., following handover of AE handouts) in trial execution 

  • Collect and view feedback in real-time as patients, site coordinators and other site staff provide input
  • Increase retention by using patient feedback to drive improvements in trial design and execution
  • Apply Transcelerate’s Study Participant Questionnaire (SPFQ) to monitor the patient experience the 3 phases of a clinical trial

Salesforce Effectiveness

Survey HCPs around their experience with your sales reps either immediately after an interaction or on a periodic basis (quarterly bi-annually) 

  • Understand and improve the value your sales reps are providing HCPs 
  • Compare the HCP experience with your sales reps to your competitors
  • Use HCP feedback to identify your best reps and use their feedback to train new reps


We Provide Both Pharma CX Consulting & Software


Pharma CX Consulting

The features and benefits of our Pharma Customer Experience consulting.

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Dedicated Pharma CX Program Manager

Every PeopleMetrics client has their own dedicated program manager, aka Customer Experience Manager, to guide you through program design, survey design, have regular meetings after launch, troubleshoot issues, analyze your data, create executive summaries and more. 

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Journey Mapping

Need help mapping the key touchpoints in your patient or HCP journey?  We can help you identify the “moments of truth” that make or break your customers’ experience.

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Program Design

We provide full program design services including qualitative interviews, survey design, dashboard creation per role, data integration, survey programming, customer communications, adverse event reporting, and more.

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Analysis & Reporting

Your Customer Experience Manager will provide offline analysis and reporting of your data so you can take action on patient and HCP feedback

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Want to really dig in and create an action plan to create change? Try our workshops that help your entire team get on the same page with regard to the current patient and HCP experience and brainstorm together the best actions to take.

Pharma CX Software

The features and benefits of our Pharma Customer Experience software.

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Real-time Dashboards

Get a real-time view the patient and HCP experience, enable different roles within your organization to see “their data”(e.g., case managers) and easily create new dashboards on the fly and put multiple dashboards together as a report to share with your team

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Case Management For Follow Up

Trigger alerts after poor experiences, follow up with using unique code that protects patient personal information

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Adverse Event Reporting

Our software tracks each open-ended comment and our staff is trained in reporting adverse events per client and FDA guidelines

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Open API For Easy Integration

Our software contains an open API that enables integration with CRMs and other data sources that contain patient and HCP operational data

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Unlimited Users

We want as many people as possible within your organization to have access to customer experience sentiment, no more sharing passwords

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