About the 2013 Banking Customer Experience Trends Study



PeopleMetrics is launching an in-depth research project into what banks are currently doing to improve their customer experience. The banking industry is navigating a sea of changes right now. Increased regulations, a loss of consumer trust, and the new digital landscape are only some of the factors causing massive shifts in how banking is done. Often when industries undergo such considerable change they are forced to rethink their relationship to their most important asset – the customer. And this is what we’re interested in learning more about.

The Banking Customer Experience Trends research aims to get at the heart of what banks are doing to improve their customer experience. We’re going to be talking to:

  • Consumers: To find out what they are currently experiencing, and how they feel about their relationship with their bank
  • Bank Executives and Managers: To find out what their bank is currently doing and planning to do around the customer experience. We’re not just talking to marketing and customer experience people either, the customer experience spans departments and we want to hear what IT and Finance and HR know about the customer experience as well

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