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This year, try picking an actionable customer experience improvement metric to gain traction on your customer experience strategy.



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It’s a new year, a time when many start to consider future goals. Time to lose weight. Ditch cable TV. Meditate.

But more often than not, these champagne-tinged resolutions tend to fizzle out.


So how do your business resolutions stand a chance? How can you keep pressure on your goals for customer experience improvement?

I have a suggestion: measure something.

You see, although we humans are skilled at setting (and sharing) ambitious goals, we’re rather inept at maintaining progress toward them. Picking a measurement can help. It can focus your energy, so you can effect change.

But when you choose a measurement, make sure it’s actionable. If you can’t act on the number, then you’re not likely to gain traction.

Let’s use weight loss as an example. Losing 10 pounds by watching your overall weight is difficult: too many granular factors affect that number. But you could much more easily spur action by focusing on one of those granular factors. For example, you could count your calories, or your number of daily steps. And over time, that would affect your weight loss.

Does it matter what you measure? Not particularly. (Though, for starters you may consider a transactional customer experience metric, or one focused on emotional relationships.)


The point is to set a bar. A beacon to measure against as you work to improve customer experience. One that focuses your attention on the ideal method for your business and its customer experience strategy.

Then work to raise that bar.

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