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It’s 2015, and that means we’re blazing into the 16th year of this still-new millenium. As you take stock of your last year, and look forward into a new one, it's a good time to consider: How can you improve your sales strategy with a better prospect experience?


Your answer will say a lot about your expectations and your understanding of sales strategy. As anyone tasked with sales management in the modern era knows, sales is evolving. Closed deals are less centered on sales pitches, and more reliant on a new set of sales skills—skills that are more consultative than cutthroat.

Why the change? In short, the Internet. The Internet’s unique gravity has changed the traditional sales process from a snatch-and-grab game of Hungry Hungry Sales Reps into a modern-day pharmacy: one where potential prospects can shop, self-diagnose, and prescribe solutions for their individual needs.


Today, the prospects come to you. They’re a new breed. They’re experienced, inquisitive, and demanding. They know the difference between value and a waste of time. And they know exactly what they want.

Why would you give them anything else?

As you ponder navigating a new year and a new sales landscape, take some time to think about listening more to your prospects. And more importantly, learning from them. Their experience is a key part of your success moving forward.

What are you going to do differently in 2015?

How about focusing on the prospect experience?

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