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Sean McDade, PhD

Founder & CEO, PeopleMetrics

This has been a big week at PeopleMetrics. In case you did not hear, I launched my second book called Pharma Customer Experience (CLICK TO VIEW ON AMAZON) on Tuesday (11/30). I wrote this book because pharma and biotech companies have an amazing opportunity to improve the customer experience (patients, HCPs, caregivers) and emotionally connect with these customers. My hope is this book is the first of many that moves the pharma industry in the direction of frictionless customer experiences similar to what has transformed other industries.

And I have some more exciting news to share – PeopleMetrics has acquired Center for Strategy Research (CSR) (www.csr-bos.com). This is our first acquisition, and I could not be more thrilled!

CSR specializes in obtaining continuous insights from high value audiences, including C-Suite decision-makers, brokers, promoters, the highest CLV customers, high-net worth investors, physicians and more. Their secret sauce is creating high-value customer panels, gathering regular feedback and applying proprietary qualitative and quantitative analytical techniques to distill what is most important.

Together, we bring a combined VoC and research solution for these high-value audiences. CSR enables us to strengthen and expand our research capabilities overall and specifically for this increasingly important segment. The result is an industry leading VoC and research solution for B2B, Pharma and other industries where small numbers of customers carry a big weight.

We see the experiences of high-value customers being increasingly important and underserved in the CX market. For some businesses like pharma/biotech (rare disease) and most B2B companies, all their customers are high-value. For other B2C businesses such as software, banks, hotels and telecommunications, an increasingly small number customers count for more and more of the business (e.g., CLV is a KPI everyone needs to track!). Identifying these customers, enabling continuous feedback loops and improving their experiences is work every company should prioritize.

It’s been 20+ years since I founded PeopleMetrics and I have never been more excited about the work we are doing on behalf of our clients. The future is bright.

Thank you to the PeopleMetrics team and our clients for providing the opportunity to work with you!

And if anyone has any questions or comments on my new book or the CSR acquisition, please contact me directly at sean.mcdade@peoplemetrics.com.

All the best,

Sean McDade


Posted on 12-02-2021