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Voice of the Customer Gets a Makeover for 2015

We're updating our Voice of the Customer software platform based on customer feedback.



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In 2015, we’re improving the look and feel of our Voice of the Customer software. The upcoming update is based on user feedback, and it’s a major step forward in our ongoing development to improve our user experience (UX).

In this blog post, we’ll cover two key areas: the Dashboard and Real-Time Reports. Each will see UX changes when the new update launches the week of January 12th.


Dashboard Updates

Right upon login, you’ll see a clear difference in the design of the dashboard. It now features a cleaner, more modern design, and a consistent space for branding in the top left portion of the screen. There's also a visible username, so users can be sure they're logged into the right account for the task at hand. Here’s a reconstructed screenshot. (All data is simulated.)


The navigation menu has also been rebuilt to be simpler and more intuitive. It’s expandable as well. Keep in mind this update doesn’t include any functionality changes, so each user’s favorite actions and options are still available. (So users shouldn’t be afraid to click around and get familiar with it.)

Overall, the dashboard uses white space more effectively for clarity and visual appeal. This should help users recognize and keep up with the data that matters most to them.

Real-Time Report Updates

Our design approach carries into real-time reporting as well. Note the top-down approach to the criteria selection area. It's designed to help users create their reports more easily. The design allows all users with real-time reporting the ability to access and analyze their data quickly and clearly.



Questions? Concerns? Contact Us!

These UX changes are part of our ongoing effort to improve our own customer experience. We’re working hard to improve our systems, modernize our interfaces, and make our platforms more useful for all of our customers.

We’ll continue developing based on your feedback, so we invite you to contact us with any questions, concerns, or comments about our refreshed UX. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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