Real-Time Feedback

Create your customer connection. Get smart with surveys & understand the voice of your customer in real-time.


Feedback Management

Use real-time alerts to act on feedback & quickly close the loop with each of your customers.


Self-Service Dashboards

Get creative with your data. Empower your team to build custom dashboards & analyze customer feedback on the fly.

Text Analytics

Text Analytics

Make sense of unstructured feedback. Visualize topic themes, trends, & sentiment with our native text analytics engine.

Social Reviews

Social Reviews

Proactively manage online reviews. Integrate & centralize unsolicited customer feedback from 100+ social review sites.


Shared Insights

Foster collaboration. Instantly share custom dashboards with specific team members or your entire organization.


Unlimited Users

We believe that CX is for everyone. We offer an unlimited user model that promotes engagement & customer centric cultures.

unlimited possibilities

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