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PeopleMetrics | Jan 18, 2022

Customer Satisfaction Software: Crash Course & Top Features

Customer satisfaction has always been a make-or-break consideration for businesses. Learning from your customers’ experiences gives you direct insight into ...

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Sean McDade, PhD | Dec 1, 2021

Lots of Exciting News!

This has been a big week at PeopleMetrics. In case you did not hear, I launched my second book called Pharma Customer Experience (CLICK TO VIEW ON AMAZON) on ...

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Customer Experience, Market Research, VoC
PeopleMetrics | Nov 9, 2021

3 Ways to Align Customer Experience & Market Research

Customer experience feedback and market research are not the same thing, BUT that doesn’t mean there aren’t parallels. These programs often have shared ...

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Customer Experience, Market Research, Survey Design, PeopleMetrics LIVE, VoC
PeopleMetrics | Oct 19, 2021

How to Optimize Your Survey with SMS & Video Feedback

The world has changed, and the way people communicate has changed along with it. With texting & video chat being more popular than ever, it’s imperative ...

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Customer Experience Improvement, Survey Design, Feedback Collection, Video Feedback, SMS Feedback, Survey optimization
PeopleMetrics | Aug 24, 2021

3-Step CX Strategy MID-YEAR Check-in for 2021

It's halfway through 2021 and your CX strategy needs a checkup! CX directors and managers, get together with your team to look at your customer experience ...

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Customer Experience, Customer Experience Strategy, PeopleMetrics LIVE
PeopleMetrics | Jun 28, 2021

Best Practices for Developing a Customer Experience (CX) Strategy

A Voice of the Customer (VoC) program driven by thoughtful and thorough strategic planning will not only help you achieve your customer experience objectives ...

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Customer Experience, Customer Experience Strategy, PeopleMetrics LIVE
PeopleMetrics | Jun 10, 2021

How the Customer Feedback Management Process Works

Collecting customer feedback is one thing. Measuring and managing that customer feedback is quite another! And if you want to be customer-centric, you need to ...

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Customer Experience, Customer Experience Management, PeopleMetrics LIVE
PeopleMetrics | May 27, 2021

5 Survey Questions You Need to Ask Customers After a Recent Experience

Your company is ready to build a customer-centric culture, and has committed to gathering and acting on customer feedback with a Voice of Customer program. ...

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Customer Experience, Survey Design, PeopleMetrics LIVE
PeopleMetrics | May 13, 2021

3 Strategies for Turning Your Customers Into Promoters

Word-of-mouth marketing is the best way to drive customer loyalty and organically create enthusiastic brand advocates. In this session, we share 3 strategies ...

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Customer Experience, Net Promoter Score, PeopleMetrics LIVE