Customers expect a consistent experience
every time they walk into your restaurant.

Restaurant owners want every customer to have the same experience across locations, but it's impossible to be in multiple places at once. Utilize the power of PeopleMetrics' Customer Experience Management platform to collect in-moment and transactional feedback from customers and employees to better understand pain points, resolve issues & make systemic changes across locations to ensure a consistent experience for restaurant customers no matter which location they visit.

Restaurant Location

The Challenge

Restaurants need to ensure that customers have a consistent experience with their brand no matter which location they visit.

Customer & Employee Feedback

Our Solution

Collect feedback from customers and employees to uncover pain points, discover trends, and address issues on both sides of the table.

Loyal Restaurant Customer

Program Benefits

Grow loyalty from customers and employees. Resolve customer issues in-moment. Establish standards for customer experience performance across locations.

A tailored solution for your business.


written by CEM experts who live and breathe customer experience every day.

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