Clients expect more than an annual visit
from their accounting firm at tax season.

Tax, audit & advisory firms are critical financial partners to individuals, corporations, partnerships, not-for-profits, & government agencies around the world. But with little to differentiate one firm from another, it is imperative that these firms retain current clients if they wish to grow in such a competitive space. Insights from client feedback can be leveraged to reduce churn, increase referrals, benchmark performance, and differentiate products & services by delivering outstanding client experiences.

Benchmarking Performance

The Challenge

Benchmarking performance is imperative to success for tax, audit & advisory firms. However, this type of standardized client satisfaction data is not readily available today. 

Client Feedback

Our Solution

Elevate your products & services through client feedback, and share best practices at scale. Measuring feedback allows firms to differentiate on more than intellectual property.

High Lifetime Value Clients

Program Benefits

Lead the competitive curve by focusing on clients with high lifetime values. Unify stakeholders by putting the client at the center of your business decisions.

A tailored solution for your business.


written by CEM experts who live and breathe customer experience every day.

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