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You Have To Use NPS, But You Should Also Include Other Measures of CX In A Transactional VoC Survey

Listen or Die author Sean McDade, PhD explains different ways to measure recent customer experiences, and stresses the importance of including recent customer experience metrics in transactional VoC surveys alongside NPS.

Sean McDade, PhD

Sean McDade, PhD

Founder & CEO, PeopleMetrics

The following is an excerpt from Listen Or Die by Sean McDade, PhD.

As we discussed in Lesson #5, NPS is important to include in your VoC program, but if you’re running a transactional VoC survey, you need other ways to measure the most recent customer experience alongside NPS.

Here are 3 ways you can measure the most recent customer experience alongside NPS:

  1. Ask how satisfied the customer was with their last experience. This question can be made more contextual by adding specific dates for their last experience: “During your visit to Hotel X on July 28 through July 30, how satisfied were you with the experience?”

  2. Focus on customer effort. You can ask, “How much effort did you exert to solve your issue during your call on January 12?” The more effort a customer expends on resolving their issue, the more negative the customer experience.

  3. Ask the customer about their overall experience during their most recent visit. You can use a scale from delighted to disappointed.

Imagine customer experience as a bank account

If customer experience is a bank account, every negative experience is a withdrawal. The only time you will know the account is at zero is when you try to make a withdrawal and it’s declined.

You need to continuously know when withdrawals are being made so that you can prevent the customer experiential account from hitting zero and that customer leaving you.

You must combine NPS with an individual measure of the customer experience in a transactional VoC survey. If you ignore customer issues from recent customer experiences, eventually your NPS will take a nosedive.

Make sure that you catch each withdrawal and then redeposit goodwill by following up with the customer and making things right. The sum total of your customer experience is worth more than you think. Do not leave out measures of recent experience in your transactional VoC surveys.


This is an excerpt from Listen Or Die by Sean McDade, PhD. 

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Sean McDade, PhD is the author of Listen or Die: 40 Lessons That Turn Customer Feedback Into Gold. He founded PeopleMetrics in 2001 and is the architect of the company’s customer experience management (CEM) software platform. As CEO, he guides the company’s vision and strategy. Sean has over 20 years of experience helping companies measure and improve the customer experience. Earlier in his career, he spent five years at the Gallup Organization, where he was the practice leader of their consulting division. His company offers CEM software with advanced machine learning solutions and hands-on analytical support to help companies make sense of their CX data. Sean holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration with a specialization in marketing science from Temple University in Philadelphia. He has published eight articles in peer-reviewed scholarly journals and has taught over 25 marketing classes. Sean was named a 40 under 40 award recipient of the Philadelphia region. He is an active Angel Investor, including investments in Tender Greens, CloudMine and Sidecar.


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