Legend has it that in a damp, craggy cave, an ancient hunter-gatherer created the first list-based Web article. In keeping with millennia of human tradition, let’s look back at our top ten blog posts from 2015.


I sincerely hope you've enjoyed following along as much as we've enjoyed writing for you. Keep an eye out for new posts in the new year! Without further ado, here's number 10:


What's the Difference Between Customer Satisfaction and Customer Effort Score?

Starting off this list is a post for those who are confused about how to measure customer experience improvement. It examines two popular transactional customer experience metrics.



What's the Difference Between NPS and Customer Engagement?

The complement to our number-10 entry, this post covers customer experience metrics that can help measure complex emotional relationships between customers and their customers.



Emotional Intelligence in Customer Experience Leadership

In this post, we examine how customer experience leaders need to ask important questions and focus on delivering on the promises they make to customers.



Customer Experience Best Practices: Empathy

This post takes a look at why customer experience management is important, and just how much it can help customers in their day-to-day lives.



Focus on One Thing at a Time in Customer Experience Strategy

This post takes a look at how limited and targeted focus can help you achieve the goals in your customer experience strategy.



8 Questions to Ask Voice of the Customer Vendors

This post lists some key questions for companies shopping for Voice of the Customer software, and then it explains why those questions are important.



3 Moments That Can Make or Break a Banking Customer Experience

This post takes a look at three moments of truth that are important for banks to consider if they want their customers to love their customer experience.



Customer Experience Best Practices: Change Management (1 of 2)

The first installment of two, this post looks at four customer experience best practices when managing change in your company. 



Customer Experience Best Practices: Change Management (2 of 2)

In the epic conclusion to our number-three post, this entry covers four more customer experience best practices for change management.



Meet Your Customer Experience Goals: A Four-Step Guide

Our top post of the year covers four steps for gaining and keeping traction on your customer experience strategy. It also includes a simple and helpful agenda to help you manage meetings throughout the year.



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Posted on 12-18-2015