SIGN UP: Author Interview Part 1: Pharma Customer Experience - 20 Secrets to 10X your CX and Boost Patient Outcomes

Tuesday, November 30th @ 2pm EST

PeopleMetrics LIVE! | Pharma CX Episode#15

We’re excited to announce our new book, "Pharma Customer Experience - 20 Secrets to 10X your CX and Boost Patient Outcomes”! This book, written by our Founder & CEO, Sean McDade, PhD, is the first of it’s kind, that provides a detailed how-to for using patient, caregiver, and HCP listening to make your company patient-centric.

In this session, we’re hosting a Q&A with the author to share some key insights from the book and learn some of the best practices for making your company and the support services that you provide truly patient-centric. Join us for this exclusive preview of the book and get your opportunity to ask a question to Sean about these insights.

This is Part 1 of a 2-Part series, where we’ll be interviewing Sean about “Pharma Customer Experience - 20 Secrets to 10X your CX and Boost Patient Outcomes”. Sign up for PeopleMetrics LIVE! for updates on the book launch and stay tuned for Part 2 of our interviews with the author, coming Tuesday, December 14th, 2021.


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BOOK LAUNCH INFORMATION: Pharma Customer Experience | 20 Secrets 

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Our Pharma CX solutions are designed to help you achieve better outcomes through real-time feedback from patients, caregivers and HCPs... with over 20+ years of Pharma expertise, you can trust PeopleMetrics to help you measure and improve the patient experience from clinical trials to patient support services.

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