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Thank you for spending some time to learn a little more about PeopleMetrics. I hope you find our story interesting.

PeopleMetrics was founded in January, 2001 with a simple idea – that companies with engaged employees are far more successful than those with disengaged employees. We worked furiously to develop reliable questions to measure employee engagement, cloud-based software that quickly captured employees’ feedback, and real-time reporting on survey results that would enable managers to take action on employee feedback.

We were so excited – we found that companies with engaged employees were more profitable, had higher stock price appreciation, and delivered much better customer experiences. Our clients loved our work and things were going great … and then something amazing happened.

Our clients began to ask us more and more about the customer experience, including the role employees play in providing a consistently great customer experience. In 2003, we pivoted to include customer experience, as well as market research services into our offerings.

Today, PeopleMetrics helps organizations transform the customer experience. And when we say “transform,” we mean it. When you work with our talented team at PeopleMetrics, we will push you to reach your customer experience potential. Our Customer Experience Transformation process combines strategy consulting, employee alignment and Voice of the Customer (VoC) components. Each is critical to truly transforming your customer experience.

One final thought – most of our clients are already doing a good job with their customer experience and understanding their market landscape when they begin working with us. But good is often not good enough in today’s hyper-competitive world. Our clients strive to be extraordinary in every way. We are humbled and honored to help them reach new heights every day.

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