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What We Offer

We have a Voice of the Customer platform, as well as other customer experience software.

Find out why PeopleMetrics is different.

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We make improving your customer experience strategy simple and engaging.

Find out why PeopleMetrics is different.

How We Work

Our team and customer experience software can handle your company's project.

Find out why PeopleMetrics is different.


We believe good business is human.


PeopleMetrics is more than a customer experience solution.

We're a coach, a guide, and a partner in your journey to customer centricity. We use simple and effective online surveys to measure Net Promoter Scores and collect feedback from customers and employees. Then we reveal the best ways to respond. Our goal is to help you listen to all of the people involved in your business, so you can make smarter decisions for your current and future customers.


See how your sales process affects customer experience in our new study.


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An Introduction to Voice of the Customer for Potential Buyers

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