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Constructing the Mobile-Friendly Customer Feedback Survey: A Guide

Here are some of the finer details of designing mobile-friendly customer feedback surveys.



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In today’s world, where the average person actively uses their mobile device 3.3 hours a day, it is crucial to keep pace with how your customers are communicating. In a previous post, we discussed how device-ready customer feedback surveys can benefit your customer experience. Now we’ll go into the finer details of how to construct a flexible survey.

Here’s what you want to consider when designing a mobile-friendly survey:


Shorter is better.

  • Multiple studies have shown a negative effect on the quality of data collected as a survey progresses in length. For a survey that is optimized for the mobile user’s attention span, keep it brief – 2 minutes in length maximum. Not only will this reduce the potential for poor survey results, but also help minimize the rate of abandonment.

  • Hone in on the way you word your questions. Do they convey a clear and concise understanding of what is being asked? Are they muddled down in specifics, or precisely tuned to capture overall levels of satisfaction and identify areas of improvement?



  • The mobile survey has been shown to have higher drop off rates than its desktop counterpart. So, make sure your questions stay focused on the important driving factors in a good customer relationship – likelihood to recommend, overall satisfaction, etc. This will let you concisely capture your business’s largest opportunities for improvement and give you a pulse on what your customers generally feel in the short time they offer feedback.


End with an opening.

  • Include an open-ended question in your survey to let your customer’s voice shine through. It’s a good opportunity for the consumer to candidly voice any comments, concerns, or questions that are unaddressed by the rest of the survey.

  • Having an open-ended question in your mobile survey also lets your customers reveal the “One Thing” they believe is most important about your business – whether it be positive or negative. This will help highlight your company’s strengths and weaknesses, so that you can more keenly leverage or address them.

When designing a customer feedback survey aimed at the mobile user, you should keep three key guiding principles in mind. First, restrict the time it takes to complete the survey and the number of questions asked. Second, keep it simple, so your customer gives you the most powerful and actionable feedback in the short time they participate. Third, let your customer do the talking by including an open-ended section that allows them to speak freely about your business.

Now that you’ve got the idea, take the next step and ask a PeopleMetrics employee more about our mobile-optimized surveys!

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