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The field of positive psychology examines how people can become happier by focusing on the meaningful, positive aspects of their lives.

Researchers who study positive psychology ask how, why, and when positive emotions surface, and what individuals and institutions can do to increase happiness.

Here at PeopleMetrics, we see happiness fitting into the passion part of the equation for employee engagement and a better overall employee experience.

We weren’t surprised, then, to find that the founders of positive psychology also emphasize engagement and experience.

First, let’s establish why employee engagement and experience matters from a business perspective.

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PeopleMetrics has proven a connection between employee experience and better business outcomes, including profitability and customer experience.

Research in positive psychology confirms this correlation; as Sue Shellenbarger writes for the Wall Street Journal, a study published in the journal American Behavioral Scientist found that “teams with buoyant moods who encouraged each other earned higher profits and better customer satisfaction ratings.”

As a final example of how employee experience figures into performance, the “Broaden and Build” tendency uncovered by positive psychologists shows that people who experience more joy and contentment in their lives are able to think more broadly and creatively (characteristics employers love to see).

The time is ripe to apply the lessons of positive psychology to the workplace.


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Posted on 08-25-2020