The Best Way to Encourage Customer Trust from the Inside Out

Company Folders Customer Centric

In order to deliver a good customer experience, a company must first be customer-centric. Last week I wrote on the nuances of customer service and customer-centricity in “Why Great Customer Service Isn’t Enough to Be Customer-Centric”. For those who are not reading my every post with rapt attention, I used the HARO (Help A Reporter Out) service to put out an APB for customer-centric companies…

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Why Great Customer Service Isn’t Enough to Be Customer-Centric

Customer Service is Not Customer Centricity

I recently sent out a pitch on HARO (Help A Reporter Out). If you haven’t gotten on the HARO bandwagon, you’re missing out. It is a fantastic network of news sources with journalists and expert opinions. And everyone’s technically an expert in something. So pro-tip: you sign up, you benefit. Last week I wrote on a bad customer service example in social media, “How To…

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How To Disappoint Customers on Social Media: A Cautionary Twitter Tale

Bad Customer Experience on Twitter Example

Last week we wrote about a bank that has exceptional customer service in our post “How to Amaze Banking Customers: A Simple Story”. This week we are going to focus on a story that happened right in @PeopleMetrics Twitter feed. I had read an interesting article on Barclays Kenya‘s refocused customer experience efforts. So naturally, I pulled up Twitter and fired off a tweet at the…

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