Here you’ll find a collection of case studies, reports, white papers, original research, insightgraphics (infographics), and more – all to help you understand this wide world of customer experience.

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Case Studies

Within the case studies section, you can read about our proven experience strategy success with a variety of companies across both the customer experience and the employee experience.


Our expert consultants are the writers for our blog, which means you get exclusive access to strategic insights from the people who live and breathe it.


Looking for something visual? Try our insightgraphics. Insightgraphics are infographics that are based in solid research and fact; and triple checked for accuracy.


Our experience experts frequently speak at conferences and events, and in this media section you’ll find videos, recorded webinars, and podcasts that they’ve been featured on.

Original Research

Looking for original research that you can sink your teeth into? We have strategic self-funded studies to serve our thinking and our clients with insights across industries. Our most recent is the Most Engaging Customer Experiences study.


In this section we have created guides on the ways of customer experience strategy.


Don’t know where to start?


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