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voice of the customer software from peoplemetrics

What is our Voice of the Customer program?

It's a 3-step process to improving your customer's experience.

customer experience management improvement

Capture →

Capture your customer's feedback using baseline, transactional and relationship surveys.

customer experience management improvement

Respond →

Use the PM Case Management functions to manage Recover Alerts. Recognize Alerts and Upsell Alerts.  Automated notifications go to the right team members to respond immediately

customer experience management improvement

Improve →

CustomerMetrics platform automatically generates Recommended Actions that show you how to improve your customer experiences. 


Voice of the Customer Simplified

voice of the customer software offers web-based access

Online Dashboards 

customer experience management with mobile design


voice of the customer software triggers alerts to employees

Action Alerts

see customer experience metrics in real time

Real-Time Analytics

our customer experience experts focus on finding actionable insights

Data Analysis and Insights

voice of the customer program with text analytics

Text Analytics



First, we'll conduct a baseline study across your customers.

See a sample of an initial baseline survey. 

Click here to learn about our Wows and Woes study.

Second, begin real-time customer feedback measurement with CustomerMetrics.

Learn more about case management and how to "close the loop" on customer alerts. 

Click here for more about CustomerMetrics.

Third, realize improved customer satisfaction and customer retention.

CustomerMetrics helps you identify short-tem actions that you need to take as well as long-term strategic actions that require organizational changes. Over time, both your organization and your customers will benefit.

Click here to learn more about CX strategy.